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Dear friends, family, foes, and followers,

For three years I’ve hosted a Bead Party. Specifically, I’ve hosted an event where people had the opportunity to purchase beads from a non-profit organization called Bead For Life. Proceeds from the sale of the beads went to back to the beadmakers, once poverty-stricken women in Uganda.

I’m excited to share with you that over the past three years, we worked together and raised $5,293 for the people of Uganda. All that while buying beautiful beaded jewelry for ourselves or for gifts.

In the past, I’ve deliberately had the Bead Party around this time of year to encourage shoppers to use the jewelry for Christmas gifts. It would be a gift for the direct recipient and a gift to the Ugandan women. Hosting the annual Bead Party has been a rewarding experience. However, these days just about everyone is selling the same beads and people seem less excited about attending the Bead Party.

So this year I’m doing something a little different. Starting December 1st (Thursday) until Christmas, I’ll post a daily Gift² opportunity. These will be websites where you can purchase a product or service as a gift that will in turn benefit a non-profit. I’ll share a snapshot of each website so you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of cost, available products, and the legitimacy of the organization.

These gift opportunities will be gifts that give more or go further. This isn’t slactivism. These are merely ways to actually do something by doing something you were already doing. You’re probably already buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. This way you can do that while giving a gift to someone else who likely needs it more than anyone you know.

This year give a gift that gives more.

Much love,
R, etc.

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