Hey, readers.

Up front I’d like to apologize to anyone who signed up for my email feeds, as for some reason the Internet decided to email you a very old post.

My blog, FB page, and basically everything else have been dormant while I scramble to catch up in my daily life. I’m not closed off to blogging–and in fact have been periodically working on another writing project, but I haven’t felt impressed the time was right to once again focus on my blogging.

Last Friday, about five minutes to the end of my quiet time, I suddenly thought I should write a blog. I quickly wrote one out, posted it, and rushed to get ready for work.

While showering I thought back to the post and realized, somewhat ashamedly, that the post made no sense. Afterward I deleted the blog and any mention of the blog. Still, Feedburner seems to have a mind of its own and emailed the blog out to subscribers that evening.

So. All that to say, I’m leaving the blog and FB page up indefinitely, because I know God isn’t yet finished telling me to write. But he’s not telling me to write right now.

Also, for anyone who has commented on the blog in the past 5-6 months, my commenting system has stopped notifying me of comments, so what a surprise to read yours! I would love to respond to you when I can.

In the meantime, I’ll just be living life as always, trying to keep up, and gleaning as much insight from God as I can.

Much love,

R, etc.