about this blog

I had a different blog almost finished, but in lieu of recent issues, I’ve thrown it out for a little meta-blogging.

I thought, all this time, I had been very (very!) forthcoming in my representation of myself–that I am not an authority by any means, that I am not perfect, that I am a sinner, that I struggle with obedience and understanding and discernment but will not, as long as I live, cease pursuing these things. I asked a friend this morning why people seem to think I’m calling myself an authority and the response was perhaps it’s because I speak/write with such conviction. Here’s the thing on that: God calls us to be bold. He calls us to be Jesus fanatics. God’s perspective and obedience to Jesus must always be our number one priority in our lives, or we have to ask ourselves if we really believe what we claim to believe. Otherwise, what’s the point? What other master is worth serving?

This blog’s purpose is to share the insights I receive through my quiet times in prayer and Scripture, and reinforced through daily life. I don’t ask that everyone who reads them agrees with them. But I post them in the hopes that others will either find encouragement from what I write or learn from my mistakes. And judging by the majority of the feedback via Facebook, blog comments, emails, and text messages, that hope is fulfilled.

If you want to disagree, feel free. It’s happened often in the past several years of walking with Christ that I’ve learned a lesson and run with it without being certain it’s what God actually intended. I fully expect that to continue happening, again, as long as I’m on this earth. And if it’s something I’ve blogged about, I can guarantee I’ll address my mistakes in a subsequent blog. I don’t like being wrong, but I don’t like seeing the Gospel misrepresented, either. The only thing I ask in terms of disagreeing is that the other side is backed solidly by Scripture. And if we disagree, then we disagree, but I will keep doing what I’ve been doing simply because God called me to do it. I see fruit in that and God continues to encourage me in the same direction.

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That’s it, I’m done.