about bead for life


(For more information on the Gift² project, click here.)

It would only be right to start off the Gift² project with the organization that started it all. Bead for Life is one of my very favorite non-profits, because it enables people to use their passions to pursue better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. So without further ado, let’s get this party started:


PERFECT FOR: Gifts of necklaces for every lady on your Christmas list; stocking stuffers of $5 bracelets or super-delicious chapstick

COST: $4 – $50 (Most jewelry between $5-$20)

WHAT YOU GET: Mostly beaded jewelry, but they’ve added a line of shea butter products and clothing as well as other non-wearables

WHAT YOU GIVE: Aid to eradicate poverty, specifically in Uganda. BfL has a great breakdown on their website that shows exactly where every cent goes.

BOASTS: In one year alone, BfL supported over 6,000 people. 130 could pay their mortgages in money from beads. 26 students were sent to primary or secondary schools. 180 students were sent to vocational training schools.

MY PICK: The Musana long necklace has been my favorite (and most complimented) from Day One, but their new African gift sets with coffee are pretty enticing

LEGITIMACY: BeadforLife is a registered 501c3, which means they’re required to disclose their financial statements to anyone who requests them. BfL has been featured on CNN, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News (where I heard about it), and countless other magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and other media outlets. BfL is not BBB accredited.

MORE DETAILS: You can register to host a BeadParty at your own house or chosen venue. You put down a credit card as collateral and they send you a giant box of beads and items to sell. After the party, you box up whatever is left and send it back along with the money. All it costs you personally is any set-up/hosting costs (snacks, etc.). You have to register several weeks in advance, however, so plan ahead.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the main site or click here to head straight to the store