about light gives heat

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ORGANIZATION: Light Gives Heat

PERFECT FOR: Gifts of jewelry and bags; stocking stuffers of earrings or gift certificates

COST: $5 – $50, artwork much higher

WHAT YOU GET: Jewelry, shirts, handbags

WHAT YOU GIVE: Food, shelter, and education to Ugandans

BOASTS: LGH’s accessories and handbags lines currently employ over 100 women and 20 tailors in Ugandas.

MY PICK: The Charles Tee and the Mosaic Beaded Bracelet

LEGITIMACY: Light Gives Heat is a registered 501c3, which means they’re required to disclose their financial statements to anyone who requests them. LGH is not listed on the BBB website. Their financials are listed online. Light Gives Heat is accredited by the Fair Trade Federation and Green America Approved.

MORE DETAILS: Many of the necklaces and bracelets are the same as what Bead for Life sells, but both BfL and LGH have items the other doesn’t. LGH’s appeal is its creative shirts, bags, and a few unique jewelry items.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the main site or click here to go straight to the store