about me to we style

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PERFECT FOR: Gifts of hip new clothes; stocking stuffers of gift cards

COST: $16 – $60

WHAT YOU GET: Mostly t-shirts, some hoodies

WHAT YOU GIVE: Sustainable community development processes, such as school buildings, alternative income, health care, clean water, and sanitation projects in rural areas of Kenya, Sierra Leone, China, and Sri Lanka.

BOASTS: Me to We Style is donates half of all profits to Free the Children. Me to We Style is actually a subset of Me to We, the parent organization. In 2010, Me to We donated $1 million to Free the Children in cash and in-kind contributions, $650,000 in-kind donations to Free the Children, including services and volunteer hours from Me to We staff, and $351,000 in cash donated to help lower the charity’s administrative cost. Me to We also claims 1,300 travelers on 74 volunteer trips to help build schools, teach children, and serve in developing communities in 2010. And that’s not all. You can see the full annual report here.

MY PICK: Jessi’s Tee or the Africa Tee

LEGITIMACY: Me to We is not listed on the BBB website. Me to We’s charity partner, Free the Children, is a registered 501c3, although it is also not listed on the BBB website.

MORE DETAILS: Me to We Style is located in Toronto. The website claims if you order by tomorrow, you’ll be guaranteed to get your order by Christmas. Not sure if that includes the US, so be sure you pay attention to shipping if you decide to purchase Christmas gifts. It also seems Me to We Style has special options for organizations who wish to sell MtWS clothing for their own fundraisers.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the Me to We Style store. Click here to go to the actual Me to We site and learn more about the larger organization.