about peace cord

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PERFECT FOR: Gifts or stocking stuffers of bracelets

COST: $10 – $15

WHAT YOU GET: Bracelet hand woven by Afghan women, made out of parachute cord and American military buttons

WHAT YOU GIVE: Aid to grassroots programs in Afghanistan, i.e., American soldiers directly helping the local people

BOASTS: Peace Cord is a project developed by two non-profits, ARZU STUDIO HOPE and Spirit of America. While the Peace Cord itself is a relatively new opportunity, it already provides jobs for impoverished Afghan women to make the bracelets, delivers access to education and healthcare, and 100% of the profits goes back to the U.S. troops to carry out humanitarian projects that supply necessities like shoes, food, and school books to isolated Afghan communities.

MY PICK: The Marine Dress Peace Cord Bracelet, in honor of my handsome Marine brother

LEGITIMACY: The two non-profits spawning the Peace Cord project, ARZU and Spirit of America, are both registered 501c3 organizations. I see neither on the BBB website.

MORE DETAILS: ARZU sells mostly expensive rugs online which also aids women in Afghanistan. Because of the high prices of nice rugs, however, I likely won’t include it as a separate Gift² post, so I’m mentioning it here. Spirit of America is an incredible organization that works like this: troops in Afghanistan let the organization know what the locals’ needs are; the organization raises funds for that need; the organization delivers the need to the troops, who then distribute or implement it. You can find a list of needed donations on their website here, including job training, community based security team training, radios, birthing kits to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, and schools, among many others.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the Peace Cord site. Click here to go to the ARZU site. Click here to go to the Spirit of America site.