about the american diabetes association

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ORGANIZATION: American Diabetes Association

PERFECT FOR: Gifts of apparel; stocking stuffers of pens, notecards, or the ever-coveted Bret Michaels bandana

COST: $.01 – $76.95

WHAT YOU GET: Apparel, bags, home decor, holiday gifts, cookbooks, jewelry

WHAT YOU GIVE: Funding for research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

BOASTS: Last year the American Diabetes Association provided more than $33.5 million in research funds to combat diabetes, supported 435 awards at 142 leading research institutions in the US. They deliver services to hundreds of communities, including children with diabetes and their families and high-risk populations.

MY PICK: Reindeer Apron and Towel Set or Magnetic Measuring Spoons

LEGITIMACY: You probably already guessed it, but the American Diabetes Association is a BBB accredited charity and a registered 501c3.

MORE DETAILS: You’ve almost certainly heard of the American Diabetes Association before, and it’s incredibly likely you know at least one person with diabetes. What you probably didn’t realize is they have gifts and products you would actually want and use on their website, and the purchase of that product can benefit your loved ones who have diabetes. Like all the Gift² posts, it’s a win-win.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the American Diabetes Association main site. Click here to go straight to the store.