about world wildlife fund

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ORGANIZATION: World Wildlife Fund

PERFECT FOR: Gifts of adoption kits for the good-hearted animal lovers on your list; stocking stuffers of Gift Adoption Cards

COST: $25 – $100 and up, depending on your desired donation amount

WHAT YOU GET: Mostly adoption kits with related plush and adoption certificate, some apparel and gift items

WHAT YOU GIVE: Conservation of nature and endangered animals and reduction of the pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth

BOASTS: WWF has been operating for 50 years and is now in 100 countries, supported by five million members worldwide. $.85 of every dollar donated in the WWF store goes toward conservation.

MY PICK: Medium Jute Bag or, of course, the Sea Otter Adoption Kit or River Otter Adoption Kit or anything else to do with otters ever

LEGITIMACY: World Wildlife Fund is definitely a BBB accredited charity and a registered 501c3 and is monitored by Charity Navigator.

MORE DETAILS: At this point just about anything you buy won’t get here in time for Christmas, but you still have adoption-type gifts like the ones the WWF offers. You can buy an adoption kit and let the person know the accompanying stuffed animal or gift is coming in the mail. Or just pair a gift card with a stuffed plush from Wal-Mart or an animal toy or book or coloring book or just about anything creative and animal-esque.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go straight to the store. Click here to go to the main site.