about oxfam america

(For more information on the Gift² project, click here.)


PERFECT FOR: Gifts and stocking stuffers for everyone left on your list, especially if you’ve put it off this long

COST: $12 – $5000

WHAT YOU GET: Nothing tangible from the website, save a card that will come in the mail later or I believe the option to print off confirmation of your purchase

WHAT YOU GIVE: Lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice

BOASTS: Oxfam America works in 90 countries around the world as a part of Oxfam International. The easiest way to see some of the impressive boasts of Oxfam is to go to their website and under the “Explore our Work” section you can filter their accomplishments by Emergency, Issue, Campaign, or Region.

MY PICK: A song, paired with an iTunes gift card or Soap, paired with a Bath & Body Works soap

LEGITIMACY: Oxfam America is a BBB accredited charity, monitored by the Charity Navigator, and of course, a registered 501c3.

MORE DETAILS: Okay, it’s Christmas Eve, so at this point, what else are you going to do? Go online, buy something for someone who actually needs a gift this year, and then run out to the nearest convenience store or grocery store to find a related item. It’s way better than whatever else you had planned and probably a lot more meaningful.

CONTACT INFO: Click here to go to the store. Click here to go to the main site.